Bone and Calcium

Below are some of the current active paediatric studies related to metabolic bone disease in children and adolescents in the U.K. Details can be found on

  • NCT02163577: Study of KRN23, a Recombinant Fully Human Monoclonal Antibody Against FGF23, in Pediatric Subjects With X-linked Hypophosphatemia (XLH)
  • NCT02915705: Efficacy and Safety of KRN23 Versus Oral Phosphate and Active Vitamin D Treatment in Pediatric Patients With X Linked Hypophosphatemia (XLH) (PIXLES)
  • NCT02306720: An Observational, Longitudinal, Prospective, Long-Term Registry Of Patients With Hypophosphatasia (HPP)
  • NCT03193476: Registry for Patients With X-linked Hypophosphatemia (XLHRegistry)
  • NCT02352753: Multicenter, Single-arm Study to Evaluate Efficacy, Safety, & Pharmacokinetics of Denosumab in Children w/ OI (OI)
  • NCT02724228: A Study to Evaluate Long-Term Safety, Tolerability, & Efficacy of BMN 111 in Children With Achondroplasia (ACH)