Endocrine Nurse Training

We are proud to support the training and development of endocrine and diabetes nurses across the UK, from specialist sessions at our annual conference to a nurse award and course funding.

BSPED Annual meeting

Nurses are invited to attend our annual national meeting which focuses on current best practice in paediatric endocrinology.

Historically, the conference begins with a CME day on the Wednesday. While CME credits are available for doctors, the day also provides great training and learning opportunity for nurses; for both new and experienced nurses. Thursday and Friday are made up of: symposia, oral communications and expert sessions in both endocrinology and diabetes. Included in this is the Nurses’ Day for Endocrine Professionals which involves: presentations from the previous years’ BSPED Nurse prize winner, an outstanding case presentation from the LSBU Endocrine Module, and topical discussions in nursing care of children and young people with endocrine disorders.

Due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19, the annual meeting for 2021 will take place virtually.

If you would like to submit an abstract for consideration as a poster or oral communication at the 2021 BSPED meeting, please contact the BSPED Endocrine Nurse Representative for 2018-2021, Paediatric Endocrine Nurse Specialist Lee Martin from London.

For further information regarding BSPED please feel free to contact Lee

Become a member of BSPED here.

Principles of Care for the Child and Young Person in Endocrinology

London South Bank University is pleased to run the 20 credit nurse endocrine module ‘Principles of care for the child and young person in Endocrinology’ at level 6 and level 7.

Teaching will take place with a mix of virtual and face-to-face sessions on the following dates in 2022:

• 27 and 28 January
• 24 and 25 February
• 24 and 25 March

The assessment consists of a case study presentation, focusing on how innovative nursing practice and interventions can enhance the patient experience, and competencies to achieve in clinical practice. Assessment day will be 6 May 2022, with a re-sit date on 15 July 2022.

The nurse giving the most outstanding presentation will be invited to give their presentation in the nurses’ session at BSPED later that year. 

The BSPED is able to financially support up to 4 of its nurse members to undertake the module.
For further information, please contact Kate Davies (the module lead) at kate.davies@lsbu.ac.uk

BSPED Paediatric Endocrine and Diabetes Nurse and Allied Health Professionals Award

The BSPED is pleased to offer this award to support an innovative development or initiative within the paediatric endocrine or diabetes setting. Find out more about the BSPED Paediatric Endocrine and Diabetes Nurse and Allied Health Professionals Award.

Royal College of Nursing competency framework for children’s endocrine nurse specialists

The competency framework was developed to enhance the clinical care of children and young people with an endocrine disorder and can be found on the RCN website here.

Other relevant key resources, book and journals can also be found on the RCN webpage for Nurses caring for Children and Young People (CYP) with endocrine conditions.