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General with an Interest (Secondary) Training

SPIN Diabetes Summary of Evidence and Competencies –During the Covid-19 pandemic
A Framework of Competences for Level 3 Special Interest Module (SPIN) in Paediatric

Covid-19 has disrupted how we work and deliver care to children with diabetes. More appointments are now happening by telephone and social distancing measures are in place. To help trainees we have added additional examples in red of how these competencies may be met and recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic. The extra examples of evidence for the SPIN Diabetes are only suggestions to help trainees think about different ways to demonstrate that they have met their competencies. Trainees will still be able to adapt many of the previous examples, which are listed in black. Trainees will need to be flexible and think of other ways to meet their competencies. Many of the competencies can still be achieved through virtual encounters. Please do contact the CSAC team if you have any questions or concerns regarding your training.

Further information

General with an Interest Training in Endocrinology

At present, no separate SPIN module exists for paediatric endocrinology for general paediatricians with an interest. However, the BSPED would encourage any trainee who is considering a career in paediatric endocrinology and diabetes at a secondary care (special interest) level to refer to the level 1-3 competencies in the RCPCH curriculum.

SPIN Module in Diabetes

A trainee Special Interest (SPIN) module in diabetes is the additional training/experience that level 3 trainees can complete in a 12-24 month placement. This will allow trainees to be the local lead and part of the clinical network providing for children who need specialist paediatric diabetes care.

All trainees wanting to complete diabetes SPIN, must first submit an application which is available on Kaizen. It will need counter signing by your TPD/HoS on Kaizen and then sent to the CSAC for approval.

Once you have completed your SPIN module and all of the competences, you will need to contact the SPIN Team at [email protected] to confirm that all of your evidence is ready to be reviewed. This evidence should include educational supervisor reports, reflective logs, details of clinics, and any workplace assessments.

Once the CSAC Chair is satisfied with the evidence provided, the SPIN Team will be able to confirm completion of your SPIN module and achievement of all of the required competences. You will then be issued with a SPIN Module Completion Letter from the RCPCH.