Endocrine Tumours

Genetics of Endocrine Tumours (AIP) Study


Prof. Márta Korbonits (PI), m.korbonits@qmul.ac.uk


The ‘Genetics of Endocrine Tumours’ study (UKCR number 4663, IRAS number 33446 also called ‘AIP’) is an observational study investigating the genes involved in the development of endocrine tumours.

The aim of the study is to collect and analyse clinical and genetic data for individuals with a potential genetic disease leading to endocrine tumours. The study particularly focuses on childhood onset pituitary tumours (adenomas and craniopharyngiomas), but we are interested in all endocrine tumour syndromes

The study is based at St. Bartholomew and the London Hospitals & Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry with ethical approval in place at over 50 NHS sites around the UK.  The study is NIHR approved, so participating centres will attract NIHR accruals after each patient. People of all ages and genders are enrolled on the study and we aim to recruit over 10,000 patients by the year 2037.

Start Date: --/--/2007
End Date: --/--/2037

Further Information

website related to familial pituitary adenomas: 


Updated Oct 2021