We are grateful for the very strong and committed team of individuals acting as the backbone of the Society. If you would like to get in touch with a BSPED Committee, please contact the BSPED Office in the first instance. If you would like to be more involved with the BSPED, please visit our Vacancies Page.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the strategic aims of the Society, financial planning, liaison with the Department of Health, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and the Society for Endocrinology. The committee is comprised of three elected Executive Officers: the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and meets four times per year. The Executive Officers provide representation at the Clinical Committee, the Programme Organising Committee and the Clinical Studies/Research Groups.


Tabitha Randell, Nottingham


Melanie Kershaw, Willoughby


Sabah Alvi, Leeds


Clinical Committee

The Clinical Committee was established in 2009 to respond and give opinion on matters in clinical paediatric endocrinology and diabetes. The Committee also develops guidelines for optimal management of children with diabetes and endocrine disorders, participates in the development and maintenance of national audit, facilitates peer-review of paediatric endocrine centres to improve patient care and provides an interface with patient support groups. The Committee meets 4 times per year.


Talat Mushtaq, Leeds
Diabetes Officer Fiona Campbell, Leeds
Digital and Information Officer Angela Lucas-Herald, Glasgow
Clinical Guidelines Officer May Ng, Ormskirk
Audit and Peer Review Officer Indi Banerjee, Manchester
District General Hospital Officer Fiona Regan, London
Clinical Standards Officer Pooja Sachdev, Nottingham
Nursing Officer Isabel Sharratt, London
Diabetes Nurse and AHP Officer Jennifer Calvert, Nottingham
Trainee Representative Ranna El Khairi, London


 Clinical Committee Remit (236 kb)


Programme Organising Committee

The Programme Organising Committee is responsible for the planning and organisation of the annual BSPED meeting. The Committee comprises a Chair, the local organiser/convenor, the local organiser of the forthcoming and previous meetings, endocrine nurse representative, the CME Officer and Executive representation.

Chair Senthil Senniappan, Liverpool
2020 Convenor Noina Abid, Belfast
2021 Convenor Mars Skae, Manchester
2019 Convenor

Justin Warner, Cardiff

CME Officer Anitha Kumaran, Southampton
Executive Committee Representative Tabitha Randell, Nottingham
Previous Executive Committee Representative Justin Davies, Southampton
Paediatric Endocrine Nurse Representative Lee Martin, London


BSPED Awards Committee

Awards Committee Chair Helen Storr, London
BSPED Chair Tabitha Randell, Nottingham
BSPED Secretary Melanie Kershaw, Willoughby
BSPED Treasurer Sabah Alvi, Leeds
BSPED Clinical Committee Chair Talat Mushtaq, Leeds


Other BSPED Representatives

BSPED Endocrine Nurse Officer Lee Martin, London
BSPED CME Officer / RCPCH Academic Liaison Officer Anitha Kumaran, Southampton
BSPED Clinical Trials Leads

May Ng, Liverpool (Diabetes)

Indi Banerjee, Manchester (Endocrine)

RCPCH CSAC Chairman Mohammed Guftar Shaikh, Glasgow
CSAC Trainee Representatives

James Law, Birmingham

Rachel Boal, Durham

DSD Special Interest Group Coordinator Mars Skae, Manchester

Hypothalamic Pituitary Tumours Special Interest Group Coordinator

Paul Dimitri, Rotherham
CHI Special Interest Group Coordinator Indi Banerjee, Manchester
CYP T2DM Special Interest Group Coordinator
Billy White, London
Growth Disorders Special Interest Group Coordinator Helen Storr, London
Thyroid Special Interest Group Coordinator Tim Cheetham, Newcastle and Catherine Peters, London
ACDC Chair May Ng, Ormskirk