Meeting Awards

Every year BSPED recognises the highest quality work presented at our Annual Meeting. These awards are presented in the awards session during the main programme.   

Awards presented at the BSPED Annual Meeting include

  • Best Basic Abstract
  • Best Clinical Abstract
  • Best Poster
  • Best CME Case Presentation
  • BSPED Twitter Photo prize

The James M Tanner Award for lifetime achievement is also presented during the BSPED Annual Meeting. Visit Membership Awards to learn more.


In order to be eligible for an abstract award from the BSPED Meeting you must submit an abstract to the Annual Meeting. Submitters must also  attend the Meeting to present their abstract in person. 

BSPED 2020 has been postponed. A new abstract submission process will open in 2021.

Previous Winners

Best Basic Abstract
Sasha R Howard
Defects in LGR4 Wnt-β-catenin signalling impair GnRH network development, leading to delayed puberty

Best Clinical Abstract
Nikolina Kyprianou
A Novel Clinical Risk Score That Accurately Predicts Recurrence of Craniopharyngioma - a Multicentre Cohort Study

Best Poster
Moira Cheung
Clinical, functional and quality of life outcomes of Burosumab therapy in children with X-linked hypophosphoataemia

Best CME Case Presentation
Hoong-Wei Gan
National United Kingdom evidence- and consensus-based guidelines for the investigation, treatment and long-term follow-up of paediatric craniopharyngioma.

2nd CME Case Presentation
Irina-Alexandra Bacila
Exploring trends in the glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid treatment of congenital hyperplasia by analysing data from the I-CAH Registry

3rd CME Case Presentation
Emily Cottrell
A rare but very important cause of growth failure

BSPED Twitter Photo prize
Christopher Bidder and colleagues

Best Basic Abstract
Adam Stevens
Gene expression signatures in children with growth hormone deficiency (GHD) and Turner syndrome (TS) predict response to growth hormone

Best Clinical Abstract
Antonia Dastamani
Clinical Outcomes of Focal Congenital Hyperinsulinism - A UK Perspective

Best Poster
Sana Ali and Heather Stirling
Incidental morphological findings on bone age radiographs: their importance in clinical diagnosis

Best CME Case Presentation
Xanthippi Tseretopoulou
Differentiating between SIADH and NSIAD in an infant presenting with hyponatremia

2nd CME Case Presentation
Elspeth Ferguson
The complications of a goitre secondary to iodine deficiency

3rd CME Case Presentation
Nadia Amin
Serial overnight growth hormone profiling in diagnosing growth hormone excess in McCune Albright syndrome

BSPED Twitter Photo prize
Kate Pickup

Best Basic Abstract
Sasha Howard
Patients with Self-Limited Delayed Puberty harbour mutations in multiple genes controlling GnRH Neuronal Development

Best Clinical Abstract
Amy Thorby-Lister
Cumulative radiation exposure from imaging and associated lifetime cancer risk in children with osteogenesis imperfecta

Best Poster
Edna Roche and colleagues
A novel IGSF1 mutation in a large Irish kindred highlights the need for family screening in the IGSF1 deficiency syndrome

Best CME Case Presentation
Ian Tully
A novel syndrome of nephrogenic syndrome of inappropriate antidiuresis, precocious puberty, parathyroid insensitivity associated with a novel GNAS mutation, p.F376V

2nd CME Case Presentation
Pooja Vasista
Evolving Primary Adrenal Insufficiency masked by Adrenal Suppression from long-term steroid treatment

3rd CME Case Presentation
Nehal Thanawala
Manifestation of hormone resistance depends on the type of inheritance in Albright's hereditary osteodystrophy

Best Abstract
Raja Padidela
Effect of KRN23, a Fully Human Anti-FGF23 Monoclonal Antibody, on Rickets in Children with X-linked Hypophosphatemia (XLH): 40-week Interim Results from a Randomized, Open-label Phase 2 Study

Best Clinical Poster
Elise Hardwick
Enhanced Islet Cell Neogenesis and Endocrine Cell Differentiation Are Pathognomonic with Congenital Hyperinsulinism in Infancy

Best CME Case Presentation
Emily Cottrell
Lysinuric protein intolerance: a cause of secondary IGF-I deficiency with raised growth hormone levels and osteoporosis

2nd CME Case Presentation
Suma Uday
A rare cause of rickets

3rd CME Case Presentation
Amish Chenoy
A novel mutation in thyroid pathobiology in families with X-linked intellectual disability?