Join or Renew Your Membership

How to Join

Applicants can complete the online application form and make payment by clicking the link below. If you are a Medical Student, please contact the BSPED Office as you will need to complete an offline Medical Student application form.

Online application form

Applicants must be proposed by current members of the BSPED. Final confirmation of BSPED membership is upon approval of the BSPED Executive Committee which convenes quarterly.

Membership subscriptions are collected annually and payment for the first year is required upon application. The BSPED membership year is 1st August – 31st July annually.

Renewing your membership

You can renew your membership by logging into the members area using your membership number and chosen password.  If you are unable to login to your membership area, please contact the BSPED Office for assistance.

Regular renewal reminders will be sent from the BSPED office, containing a secure link to make payment at any time. Please ensure you keep the BSPED informed of your current contact details via the online members' area.

Any members whose membership has been lapsed for more than two years must reapply for membership by completing a membership application form, and be endorsed by a new proposer.

All members whose membership has been lapsed for under two years will be expected to pay for the backdated year as well as the current one. This is due to membership staying active for 6 months of the year before being lapsed, so even those who had not paid their renewal fee would still have been able to enjoy the membership benefits throughout that time. Please contact if you believe your membership has lapsed and you wish to reinstate it.