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Bringing you the latest media coverage of endocrinology. Please note articles below do not necessarily reflect Society views.

New sex hormone discovered
Hormonal contraception increases oxytocin levels in women
Body weight fluctuations may increase Alzheimer’s risk
Hormone therapy improves knee injury recovery
FT4 levels can help determine thyroid status
High TSH levels associated with lower stroke risk
Miscarriages associated with increased risk of diabetes
Menopause may increase risk for Alzheimer’s
Breast cancer hormone therapy does not increase arthritis risk
Hormone therapy may reduce COVID-19 risk in women
New discoveries about hormones in the gut may offer new disease treatments
Low testosterone in men may be linked to increased mortality risk from COVID-19
Small quantities of red wine may support healthy aging
Lower testosterone levels may help reduce risk of men abusing children
Low vitamin D levels linked to higher COVID-19 mortality risk
Growth hormone therapy could help improve recovery after liver surgery
ESE COVID-19 and endocrine diseases statement
Editor-in-Chief vacancy at Endocrine Connections
Safety update for INCRELEX 10mg/ml Solution for Injection (mecasermin)
Safety update for INCRELEX 10mg/ml Solution for Injection (mecasermin)
Exercise may help reduce side effects of prostate hormone therapy
Leadership opportunity in endocrinology and diabetes
International Society of Endocrinology Education Editors
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