Diabetes Officer Vacancy

Applications are requested for the position of BSPED Diabetes Officer. The vacancy has arisen as a result of the completion of the term of office of Fiona Campbell.

The Diabetes Officer is a member of the Clinical Committee, which meets 4 times a year, and also has specific responsibility for the following:

  • Respond to any diabetes related queries received by the BSPED and other organisations.
  • Play a leading role in the development/endorsements of diabetes guidelines, policies and audits
  • Sit on the BSPED Clinical Committee
  • Update the BSPED Clinical Committee on any projects that would be of relevance from other groups (ie. ACDC, Diabetes UK, JDRF, ABCD, national networks)
  • Update on projects and initiatives being undertaken by the (national) paediatric diabetes networks
  • Update BSPED diabetes guidelines
  • Respond to diabetes related policies as stakeholder
  • Attend APPG Diabetes on behalf of BSPED

The position of the Diabetes Officer has a term of 3 years.

Please see the role profile or contact the BSPED office for more information.

Applicants should send their CV including photo, together with a 200 word covering letter supporting their suitability for the position. All documents should be submitted electronically to the BSPED Office by 31 May 2022.