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Bioscientifica Trust launches COVID response fund
17 Jul 2020

New fund offers grants of up to €5,000 / £5,000

In reaction to the global coronavirus pandemic the Bioscientifica Trust is launching a new COVID-19 response fund to help address the disruptions caused by the virus. The new fund can be utilised flexibly and we welcome applications from any early career scientist or clinician, for whom a small grant could help ease the negative impact of COVID-19. For example, we would consider short-term salary support, travel, equipment, consumables costs, etc. Awards up to €5,000 / £5,000 are available. Find out more on the website.

The Bioscientifica Trust is a relatively new charity which distributes small grants to help fund career development, travel, training opportunities, and meetings, principally for the benefit of early career researchers and clinicians.

You may not have heard of the Bioscientifica Trust as we are quite new but an important number to consider is 80%, which is our funding rate! Applications must be made using our application form and the process is fast and simple. Funding decisions are made three times a year by the Board of Trustees and can be made rapidly if necessary.

We would urge you to consider applying to us for support, either from the new COVID hardship fund or for one of the standard or meeting grants. We have examples of successful applications on the website to help you. Previous grants have funded lab visits, specialist clinical training sabbaticals, small pump-priming research projects and attendance at conferences.