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Senior endocrinologist vacancies on the UKNEQAS Specialist Advisory Group panel
15 Jul 2021

The UK National External Assessment Scheme (NEQAS) is a service delivered to laboratories to ensure that laboratories provide the best care possible through laboratory results to the patients they serve.

There are multiple NEQA programmes provided to laboratories, which are supported by Specialist Advisory Groups (SAG). The Endocrinology & Immunoassay SAG is comprised of experts in the field from NHS labs, National Institute of Biological Standards, and the EQA scheme organisers based in Birmingham, Edinburgh and Guildford. The membership is predominantly laboratory scientists, but also Medical Endocrine Consultants.

The Endocrine & Immunoassay SAG has three vacancies for senior endocrinologists, as several colleagues have withdrawn or retired this year. The clinical support they provide is highly valued and a key component to the SAG.

The SAG meets three times a year online. It has been difficult for clinical colleagues to attend the full meeting, so to make participation easier we are going to have a section that will focus on clinical impact, where clinical colleagues can have a more focused participation.

The SAG support the EQA scheme provider to ensure:

  • report formats are structured to provide participants with timely and relevant information about their performance, directing them to the root cause of any performance issue
  • their scheme adds value, through targeted studies, surveys, commentaries, education and training
  • the clinical experience and input is valuable to help scheme organisers probe assays as manufacturers continue to change their analytical platforms.

If you would like to apply or find out more, please contact the SAG Chair, Dr Leslie Perry at or on 0208 401 3548.