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New BPSU Study on glucocorticoid adrenal suppression
16 Sep 2020

A new 25 month surveillance study looking at the incidence of symptomatic adrenal suppression (AS)  in children  under 16 years of age arising because of current or previous Glucocorticoid (GC) therapy is about to begin in the UK and Ireland. Glucocorticoid induced AS will appear on the orange card  in October 2020 (include cases seen in September 2020).  If the diagnosis is awaiting confirmation, the child should still be reported. 

This study will help to determine how many children and young people are affected by AS and adrenal crises because of GC medication. By documenting the number of cases of symptomatic AS and / or adrenal crisis in the UK and looking at the background to each event we hope to improve access to appropriate education for families and healthcare professionals. This should help to reduce the likelihood of patients developing symptoms due to AS in future.

More information about the study is available in the flyer and protocol card and link below.

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