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ACCEA Awards 2019 - applications
31 Jan 2020

Apply to the BSPED for citations by 6 March 2020.

The Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards has opened its 2020 national awards round, with a closing date of 9th April.

We expect the BSPED will be able to submit a limited number of citations in support of applicants from our members for new and renewal Bronze, Silver and Gold level Awards. This process is being managed for the BSPED by Tim Barrett. The entire BSPED process for receiving draft applications, assessing them and submitting citations to ACCEA will need to be complete well before the deadline for ACCEA applications.

Please use the application forms on the ACCEA website (open 13 February).

If you are planning to apply for a new national award, and would like a citation from the BSPED, please email your completed application form, together with a 250 word summary of why BSPED should support your application, to, cc’ing the BSPED Office on This will help our BSPED panel to write your citation.

Please email your application by Friday 6 March. This will allow Tim time to circulate your application to a panel of members for scoring and ranking.