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New BSPED Special Interest Groups – get involved
16 Jan 2019

The BSPED supports a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGS). Two new BSPED SIGS have recently been formed and expressions of interest for news members of the groups, and a coordinator of the DKA SIG, are welcomed. Please find further information below.

There has been much interest in setting up a Special Interest Group to look at the current management of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). The group will review the BSPED DKA guidelines and clinical management of DKA. BSPED Diabetes Officer Fiona Campbell will be setting up a meeting of the group at the RCPCH in London in early 2019. If you would like to join, or indeed lead, this group, please contact  

Congenital Hyperinsulinism (CHI) is a rare disease of hypoglycaemia but is the commonest cause for persistent and recurrent hypoglycaemia in young children. Hypoglycaemia due to CHI can have significant brain impact if not treated promptly. Two centres in England are designated CHI centres - Northern CHI [Royal Manchester Children's and Alder Hey Children's Hospital] and Great Ormond Street CHI services. 

Many paediatric endocrinology centres in the UK work closely with the CHI centres to ensure identification and management of hypoglycaemia due to CHI. It is important to strengthen such referral networks to provide local care to patients as far as possible while improving the quality of UK wide CHI services. The CHI Special Interest Group (CHI SIG) has been developed as a forum within BSPED to encourage paediatric endocrinologists, pediatricians and neonatologists involved in the management of children with hypoglycaemia to discuss safety and quality of care as well as forge research networks. 

There is no restriction to membership of the CHI SIG - all are welcome! If you are interest in being involved in the group, please contact