News Article
Audit and Peer Review Officer Vacancy
01 Mar 2018
Applications are requested for the position of BSPED Audit and Peer Review Officer, to take effect from June 2018.  The vacancy has arisen as a result of the completion of the term of office of Dr Leena Patel.
The Audit and Peer Review Officer is a member of the Clinical Committee, which meets 4 times a year, and also has specific responsibility for:
a. Respond to any audit queries received by the BSPED
b. Consider and prioritise requests for new audits from the BSPED membership
c. Management of the Growth Hormone Audit
d. Oversee the development of new audits in paediatric endocrinology and diabetes
e. Liaise and support audit authors and update the Clinical Committee
f. Advise on the strategy for the Peer Review process and lead on its implementation
The position of the Audit and Peer Review Officer has a term of 3 years. For a full job description, please contact the BSPED office.
Applicants should send their CV including photo, together with a 200 word covering letter supporting their suitability for the position.  All documents should be submitted electronically to the BSPED Office ( by 30 April 2018.