Research and Education Award

Deadline for applications: TBC for 2018


Purpose of award – to fund research or educational projects

Each year the BSPED offers a limited number of small project grants that are intended to either:

  • Promote and support academic research by its members. The grants are intended to support endocrinologists and trainees in a number of ways, such as providing funding for preliminary data, conducting a small project or purchasing equipment.
  • Promote and support educational projects. These may be directed to patients and families, other health care professionals, schools or other groups that would benefit from learning more about the conditions we see and their management. Successful applications are likely to include evidence of input from patients and the public, and plans for evaluation of the impact of the tool.

Award available

The grants are dependent upon there being appropriate funds and financial stability within the society. One £10,000 award was available to BSPED members in 2017.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applications will only be considered if submitted by a member of the BSPED who has been a member for at least one year by the date of submission deadline.
  • Other scientists and clinicians who are in-training may apply if they hold a minimum of six months' membership or if their research team includes a member of at least 1 year standing.
  • The BSPED strongly encourages any BSPED member to submit a proposal and this includes nurses, research fellows, ST trainees and DGH consultants and Clinical Networks.
  • Only applications submitted by a recognised Higher Education Research Institute and/or Medical Institution will be considered.
  • Applications from District General Hospitals are strongly encouraged.
  • Only one application can be considered by an applicant in each year
  • You will be ineligible to receive the award if you have been a winner in the last 3 years. This includes the grant holder and their supervisor.
  • The Grants Panel will not accept resubmissions of the same project in the following year.
  • Audits will not be considered.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.


Application and judging process

  • There will be one deadline per year (which will be published on this website and in the BSPED newsletter once set) with grants awarded at the annual autumn BSPED meeting.
  • Applicants will be required to complete an application form which will be made available in due course.
  • Applications will be judged by the Grants Panel selected by the Executive Committee of the BSPED.
  • Panellists will not be permitted to judge any application from their own institution.
  • Applications will be scored by five external and independent reviewers. Clinical and basic research and education will be given equal priority.
  • Funds awarded are final and do not include overheads.
  • Grants cannot be awarded retrospectively.
  • The decision of the Grants Panel is final and not subject to appeal.


Requirements of the winner

  • The BSPED will require a written report from the award winner demonstrating how the grant benefited the applicant, the home institution and enabled significant advances in endocrine science/medicine as a whole. The report (max 1000 words) must be submitted to the BSPED no later than 24 months after receipt of the grant. The report should include details of any publications resulting from the grant and will be published on the BSPED website.
  • The BSPED reserves the right to publish brief details of the successful applicant's project on its website, as outlined by the applicant in the 'lay summary' section of the application.
  • The award must be acknowledged in any publication that arises from the funding as: the 'BSPED Research & Education Award'
  • The award holder's group will be expected to present their work at a special session of the BSPED meeting.

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