Clinical Committee District General Hospital Officer

We’re looking for a new District General Hospital Officer to join our Clinical Committee for 3 years from April/May 2019, as John Schulga comes to the end of his term of Office.

If you’d like to represent DGH in the Clinical Committee’s important work (see below), please do get in touch.

To apply:

Applicants should send their CV, together with a 200 word covering letter supporting their suitability for the position.  All documents should be submitted electronically to the BSPED Office ( by 31 March 2019

Applications will be reviewed and the successful candidate selected by the Executive Committee.


The role:

To fulfil the role of District General Hospital Officer through the following;

  • Sit on the BSPED Clinical Committee
  • Represent the DGH in the development and review of guidelines
  • Assist with the management of the peer review programme

To undertake the responsibilities of the BSPED Clinical Committee identified in the Terms of Reference:

  • To respond and give opinions on matters in clinical paediatric endocrinology and diabetes including ethical issues, and funding of high-cost therapies.
  • To play an advisory role in the development of guidelines for optimal management of paediatric endocrine disorders and diabetes.
  • To participate in the development and maintenance of audit in paediatric endocrinology and diabetes from a national perspective.
  • To ensure adequate representation of paediatric endocrinology and diabetes to the media.
  • To increase awareness of therapeutic issues and any possible therapeutic problems, and arrange for national surveillance/audit where deemed appropriate in paediatric endocrine and diabetes practice
  • If required, to investigate & disseminate information on any new therapy/problem therapy to the BSPED membership.
  • To review and develop the provision of BSPED’s information for patients.
  • To review the output of BSPED Special Interest Groups.
  • To review surveys submitted by BSPED members prior to promotion by the BSPED.
  • To co-ordinate peer review of the designated paediatric endocrine centres in the UK (including Northern Ireland).

To attend Clinical Committee meetings, 4 times a year. Committee members should make every effort to attend all meetings. Attendance records will be kept and reviewed annually.  Any committee member who does not attend any meetings in a year will be asked to step down, other than in exceptional circumstances.